One year ago my life changed for the better. I had just come back from school and was drinking with my friends at their place. We had run out of the little bit of alcohol we had and decided to walk down to the corner bar. We were having a great time. My one friend talked me into singing karaoke. Since I am not a singer, I decided I needed some liquid courage. I walked up to the bar and my chair bumped into a handsome stranger. I quickly apologized and headed up to the stage to sing with my friend.

The handsome stranger turned his chair around to watch us and while I was singing I was watching him hoping he wouldn’t leave. Once we were done singing I headed up to the bar again right next to the handsome stranger. I apologized again for bumping into him. We started talking and we talked until the bar closed. He asked me back to his place and I said yes. My friends were worried about me but I told them the handsome stranger lived right up the street and I would call if there was an issue.

Once we got back to his place, I started to feel sick. Then I got sick not once but twice. I was so embarrassed. I thought for sure he would kick me out. Instead he gave me aspirin and water and we feel asleep. A few hours later we did have sex. He took me home and he asked for my number. I thought for sure I would never hear from him again. I went to school and then came home and feel asleep. Many hours later I woke up, made some rice and then my phone rang. It was the handsome stranger saying he was on his way to my place to take me out to dinner. Since that day we have spent every day together (except the week and a half after he messed up and the ten days I was in Wisconsin).

It has been an amazing year and I can’t wait for the rest my life with my blue-eyed cutie.