10 years ago today we said good-bye to our favorite Friends. I remember sitting in the sorority house living room with my sisters watching every scene wondering how the creators would end the series. We laughed, we cried and screamed when Ross and Rachel finally ended up together. There were parts of the finale we didn’t see coming which were a great surprise, like Monica and Chandler coming home with twins.

Why did we love the show so much? Even though some of us weren’t old enough to be living on our own at the time, we all had friends that we could rely on, be goofy with and are like family. Sure the show has been criticized for Monica being able to afford that huge apartment, but it was the main focal point for the show, aside from Central Perk.

For me, the last part of the show was when I decided to go back to college, join a sorority and live in the sorority house. I felt that family type of connection with my sisters that the show Friends portrayed.

Some people including the blue-eyed cutie, ask why I watch the marathons of re-runs that are on every day. I tell them because it is still funny even though I know most of the episodes by heart.

We all have our favorite episodes. what is yours?