This past Saturday, February 15th was my 37th birthday, and it will be one I will always remember. Last week Monday I got a call from home that my grandmother wasn’t doing well. She had been in and out of the hospital since before Christmas. The doctors had told us around that time with everything going on with her, she might have a year left.

When my mom went to the nursing home my grandmother was in, it seemed worse than the times before. Grandma wasn’t really responding, eating or drinking anything. As the week went on her vitals got worse and we knew it was just a matter of time. At 92, she was still very much a fighter. I would call my mom and she would put the phone up to my grandmother’s ear so I could talk to her. When I did her eyes would flutter a bit, so she could hear us when we talked to her.

At 6:15am on Saturday February 15th, my birthday, I got the call I knew was coming. It was strange because I had a feeling it would be on my birthday, I can’t explain it. At 7:45am (Wisconsin Time), my grandmother was called home by God. My family and I take comfort in that she passed away peacefully, like she wanted, and that she will up there with her two husbands and daughters.  She is in good hands and is at peace.

I am very happy that she was able to meet the blue-eyed cutie last summer when we went back to Wisconsin so he could meet everyone. I will always remember when we were in her apartment and she asked me if he treats me good. When I told her yes, she said to me, “I always pray that you kids meet someone nice”. She really liked him and the blue-eyed cutie is happy he met her.

As I posting this I am on my way back to Wisconsin to celebrate and remember the life of an amazing woman.