Since I had to work last night, I recorded the Oscars and just got finished watching the show. I was good about staying away from Facebook and the news today so I wouldn’t know who won.

Everyone always talks about the fashion. It has become one of the big buildups for all award shows. E! has their pre-red carpet show where George will try to predict what some of the actresses will be wearing. I will admit I was watching it while I was getting ready for work. Once I finally was able to watch the award show there were a few dresses that caught my eye, mostly because they looked like good options for a wedding dress. Two dresses that stood out for me were Cate Blanchett’s and Idina Menzel’s dress she wore when she performed “Let It Go”. Those two dresses I could see as my future wedding dress when the blue-eyed cutie and I start planning our big day.

The show itself was good and Ellen was very funny with her selfie and pizza bit. She is such a good choice for host. The show is long because they include awards for everyone behind the scenes such as costume design, hair and makeup, visual effect and production design. So many great performances won awards last night and there were some emotional acceptance speeches. I found myself crying during parts of the show. Lupita’s acceptance speech is one that everyone has been talking about and as a first time Oscar winner, she handled herself beautifully. As a writer, I especially liked Spike Jonze’s speech. I myself haven’t seen “Her” yet but from the critical acclaim it has been getting, I know I have to see it. Spike took a love story and put an interesting twist on it. Watching him win, reminded me that it is okay to be different in writing and that it can pay off.

This award show really inspired me to keep writing and keep trying. And as Robert De Niro said as he was presenting the nominees for Best Original Screenplay-