This year the Super Bowl game and commercials were as some friends put it..sub par.

I was really hoping for a good game, one where the score was at least close. I really thought with the experience of Peyton Manning and Wes Welker that the Broncos would be able to pull it off. I like many others were very wrong. I tried to be optimistic even after the safety in the first few seconds of the game. The Broncos just kept turning over the ball and were only able to score one touchdown. The camera kept panning over to Peyton’s face during the game and he just looked stressed and pissed off. In the end the Seahawks won 43-8. I am glad I didn’t bet on the game.

I loved the musical performances. Queen Latifah singing America the Beautiful and the opera singer and the National Anthem. Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Pepper halftime show was really good. The blue-eyed cutie was amazed that he actually liked it because he wasn’t happy when Bruno was originally announced as the halftime performer.

Now onto the commercials. I like many others was a little disappointed. There were quite a few Radioshackof commercials that weren’t new, ones that have been already airing since the beginning of the year. There are a couple that stood out for me. Like last year Budweiser tugged at the heart strings with their puppy love and welcome home solider commercials. I am glad that they didn’t disappoint this year. The Cheerios commercial even though it is controversial I really like it and don’t see what the problem with it is. The 80′s wants it store back ad by Radio Shack, hilarious. I like many other women loved the H & M David Beckham ad. I liked it so much that I told the blue-eyed cutie that I was going to buy him some of the briefs. The Microsoft technology ad had to pull at everyone’s heart strings as a former NFL star was using technology to speak to his son.

Another one that was hyped up was the reunion of the Full House guys. I found out before the big game that a friend of a friend of mine actually wrote the Dannon Oikos commercial so I knew exactly when it would air. It was a funny commercial and I am sure now people are wondering if there will be a Full House reunion with the entire cast.

All in all the Super Bowl was just okay, hopefully next year will be better.