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This is 40!

Today I turn 40. I don’t feel like I am that old because I don’t feel or look 40 but I am. I have been watching that movie and the [...]

It Still Seems Surreal

According to our Wedding Wire countdown clock, it says there are 291 days until our BIG DAY! It still seems so surreal that we are getting married. I guess for [...]


It has been a few months since the blue-eyed cutie asked me to be his wife. A few months since I came home from work to tea light candles around [...]

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today we said good-bye to our favorite Friends. I remember sitting in the sorority house living room with my sisters watching every scene wondering how the creators [...]

The Bachelor is Over!

I didn’t watch The Bachelorette last season and I only saw bits and pieces of this season’s The Bachelor. We have all seen some of the negative press Juan Pablo [...]

Ah The Oscars

Since I had to work last night, I recorded the Oscars and just got finished watching the show. I was good about staying away from Facebook and the news today [...]

A Birthday I Will Always Remember

This past Saturday, February 15th was my 37th birthday, and it will be one I will always remember. Last week Monday I got a call from home that my grandmother [...]

I’m EMPLOYED Again!!!

After three months of looking, applying and interviewing I am employed again. I couldn’t be more happy. Things were getting tough as the unemployment I am getting barely covers my [...]

Ahh The Super Bowl

This year the Super Bowl game and commercials were as some friends put it..sub par. I was really hoping for a good game, one where the score was at least [...]

Critics Choice Awards

Last night was the Critics Choice awards.  Here in Los Angeles the red carpet started around 3pm. The awards themselves didn’t air until 8pm here in LA, so of course [...]