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It has been a few months since the blue-eyed cutie asked me to be his wife. A few months since I came home from work to tea light candles around [...]

The Jealousy Factor

  At the end of September one of my sorority sisters got married and from the pictures I can tell it was amazing. Then one of my good friends and [...]

Meeting the Family

I am writing this as the blue-eyed cutie and I are sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to the Midwest, so he can meet the family. This is [...]

1 Year Ago My Life Changed

One year ago my life changed for the better. I had just come back from school and was drinking with my friends at their place. We had run out of [...]

Friendship with M-OVER

I realize I haven’t posted anything since September. This isn’t like me but so much has happened in the past few months. First the blue-eyed cutie was in and out [...]

The Trust Factor

Two weeks in, things with the blue-eyed cutie were going great. We were spending every day together, he was driving me to and from school on my last day and [...]

The Day Things Changed

This is an appropriate post for today as it was three months ago on a Friday when my life changed for the better. (Yes technically the date is tomorrow but [...]

The Talk

Welcome to my new site. I am very excited about it. My web designer and I worked very hard on it. This site will be all about My Life In [...]