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This is 40!

Today I turn 40. I don’t feel like I am that old because I don’t feel or look 40 but I am. I have been watching that movie and the [...]

A Birthday I Will Always Remember

This past Saturday, February 15th was my 37th birthday, and it will be one I will always remember. Last week Monday I got a call from home that my grandmother [...]

I’m EMPLOYED Again!!!

After three months of looking, applying and interviewing I am employed again. I couldn’t be more happy. Things were getting tough as the unemployment I am getting barely covers my [...]

Start Of A New Year

With the start of a new year I look back at last year and things that have happened. 2013 for me had its ups and downs. An upside was I [...]

36 and Unemployed

A little over a month ago the big boss called me to tell me due to cutting expenses they would be cutting my hours in a couple of weeks. Well [...]

The Jealousy Factor

  At the end of September one of my sorority sisters got married and from the pictures I can tell it was amazing. Then one of my good friends and [...]

9 Years in Los Angeles

Today on September 13th (yes Friday the 13th), I celebrate 9 years of living in Los Angeles. It is hard to believe sometimes that I have made it this long. [...]

The Awkward Party Guest

  We recently celebrated the blue-eyed cutie’s 35th birthday and our belated housewarming. We invited everyone we knew that would hopefully make it out. The blue-eyed cutie worked on a [...]

Wisconsin Trip Part Two

  Our last two days in Wisconsin we were heading to Summerfest (a HUGE music festival in Milwaukee on the lakefront). Friday morning we woke up, finished packing and walked [...]

Wisconsin Trip a Big Success!

I apologize now for not posting right away after our trip. Since we got back we have been busy with work and blue-eyed cutie’s wrestling shows. The day we got [...]