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Today is…

…the day before my Birthday. I don’t even think of it as Valentine’s Day because well it is the day before my birthday and I have never really gotten anything [...]

Do you believe in…

…soul mates? I am currently going through a bunch of boxes of papers and magazines that I have been storing in bankers boxes. Going through these items brought back memories [...]

Am I setting myself up…

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] …for heartbreak? I was talking to my dad on Christmas and he asked about the guy and how he is doing. I said he is fine and spending [...]

Holidays and Dating

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] It is Christmas Eve and I am sitting at home doing a Redbox movie marathon and ION television is doing a Criminal Minds marathon starting at 3pm. (Spending [...]

In Limbo

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Though good things have been going good for me lately, I still feel a bit in limbo. I am launching my writing consulting business and slowly starting to [...]

Time to be thankful

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Thanksgiving is on Thursday and everyone takes time to give thanks for the things in their life. For me it has been a year of rediscovering who I [...]

Things are looking up

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] I know it’s been over a month since my last post. No I didn’t stop writing for good or disappear. Okay maybe I did disappear for a little [...]

It’s My 6 Year Anniversary

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Yes it’s my six-year anniversary and I’m not talking about a wedding anniversary. Six years ago today I put everything I could fit in two suitcases, got on [...]

What Could Have Been

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] In the past few weeks I have been looking back on my life and relationships (both past and current). Normally this is something I do around my birthday [...]

Frustration and First Dates

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] A lot has been going on and not even sure where to start. The easiest is to say that very recently RC has been well pissing me off. [...]