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Memories and Goodbye

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] This past weekend, I decided to start cleaning. And I don’t mean just cleaning around the house, I mean doing some summer cleaning, going through all of those [...]


[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] When online dating there are many people, men and women, that misrepresent themselves. We also do it outside of dating. The biggest culprits of misrepresentation is the media. [...]

The Shallow Hal Syndrome

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] As a plus size girl dating in Los Angeles, I am amazed by some of the guys out here and their expectations. I had started talking to a [...]


[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Tonight I was watching CSI:Miami and at the end they were playing one of my favorite songs (those who know me know I have lots of favorite songs), [...]


[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] A friend and I went to see the RC (the now former crush’s new nickname). Based on the advice a lot of my guy friend gave me and [...]

Not Completely Shattered

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] It has only been a couple of days since the crush told me that we will be nothing more than casual and I seem to be getting through [...]

Sexting is just not for teens

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] We have all heard how popular sexting is with teens, but sexting is even more common with adults, specifically in 30 year olds. Many of my friends and [...]

Up In The Air

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Today I finally got the chance to watch the movie, “Up In The Air”.  I had been told that I need to watch it and finally gave in [...]

The Drama

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Some guys seem to love the drama. One of my new fav bloggers, SD Single Girl put it best recently, “Finding a girl with major issues can make [...]