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The Lights, The Glamour and of course The Shoes

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] [youtube=] When the official date was announced for the new Sex and the City, my friend and I made plans to go to the midnight showing.  Since things [...]

Great Friends and Great Memories

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] My trips back to the Midwest are always eventful and I guess that is why I look forward to them. It gives me time to relax and recharge. [...]

The Plus Size Debate Continues

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Usually I don’t watch the nightly news. There are so many bad things on there, it hurts to watch. But tonight, I decided to watch because when the [...]

Shift in the Universe

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] [youtube=] I was feeling a little bit down earlier in the month but things are slowly starting to look up. A week ago the crush and I went [...]


[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] The other night a friend of mine and I were watching parts of  The Bachelor wedding on Hulu. I hadn’t seen it yet and was glad I didn’t [...]

Facing your Fears and Moving On

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] It has been crazy busy this week, and finally today I only had a few things to do for clients. The rest of the day has been spent [...]

Letting Go of Your Bananas

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] I love this book, not only because of the title but also because of what it talks about. This book is about getting rid of the rotten things [...]

The Weight Issue

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] Weight is something that every woman obsesses over (I know men do too). We look at celebrities and models and hope that we can look like them. The [...]

Hazy Shade of Winter

[tweetmeme= "ljmaggie.wordpress"] [youtube=] My winter reminded me of one of my Favorite Bangles song, “Hazy Shade of Winter”.  One part of the song that relates to my winter: “Hang on [...]

Motivational Horoscope

Yes I am a person who likes to find out her horoscope every day. I get a few different ones sent to me on a daily basis and read them [...]