I realize I haven’t posted anything since September. This isn’t like me but so much has happened in the past few months. First the blue-eyed cutie was in and out of the low-cost clinic trying to find out what was going on with his stomach, we both got the nasty cold, school was much tougher this semester and my company is selling the property I live and work in so in two weeks I will have new bosses. (Yes I am grateful I still have a job, just hard.)

While the blue-eyed cutie and I just celebrated six months, M officially ended our friendship almost two months ago. It was the first time the blue-eyed cutie was at the low-cost clinic so needless to say it was already a rough night. M and I had been exchanging emails for a few days, starting with me wishing him a Happy Birthday. Then we attempted to make plans to have an early dinner one night, he even had called me early that day to see what my schedule was like. Then that night as I was trying to be there for my boyfriend who hates hospitals, M emails to tell me that he doesn’t think us continuing to be friends is a good idea. After a number of emails going back and forth because I was trying to understand why this change, he told me that if our friendship can’t be like it was before than he didn’t want to continue it.

I couldn’t believe that after almost seven years of knowing each other he could end things so easily because now I had a boyfriend. The last time we had seen each other, we had talked about the possibility of me meeting someone and agreed that we would stay friends and nothing more. Now that it became a reality of me meeting someone worthwhile he wasn’t okay with it.

After talking with friends and my mom about it, I came to the realization that maybe M thought I would never meet that one person that could give me everything I wanted and needed. That maybe he thought I would want to continue our “friendship” the way it was no matter what. Or maybe, just maybe he did have stronger feelings for me. Not really sure.