After three months of looking, applying and interviewing I am employed again. I couldn’t be more happy.

Things were getting tough as the unemployment I am getting barely covers my rent and health insurance. Luckily I have a very good friend that was able to help me out with some money so I could pay some bills otherwise I don’t know how I would have kept up on bills for the past month and a half. That helped me get through some tight spots. The blue-eyed cutie was able to apply for some emergency funds through various actor’s organizations to help with his bills. This allowed him to help me out with a couple of things for me.

So what I am doing? I have joined the restaurant industry again after a nine year break. I have tried becbs-2011-2-broke-girlsfore to get a serving  job out here in California but it was tough. They wanted someone who had current serving experience. Since I didn’t have a serving job after I first moved out here, they were not willing to take a chance on me. So when I interviewed for my no current job, I was wondering if I would get a second interview. The first interview was a group one. One of the other girls in my group had current serving experience so I wasn’t sure about my odds. After we did the group interview, we had a one on one with the general manager. That went well so I was pretty confident about a second one. The day after the second interview, they called to tell me I got the job.

I am serving for a well-known restaurant chain. Due to various paperwork I had to sign, I am unable to say which one online. Today is my first night on my own with no trainer. I was a little nervous about it but yesterday on my last day of training the manager told me she would only be giving me a three table section. That has relieved my nerves and I am pretty confident I will do good.