Today on the CBS show The Talk, the ladies had Kathy Griffin on the show. We all know how outspoken Kathy is and while on the show today the ladies asked her New Year’s Eve and the image of her kissing Anderson’s crotch. While I was not one that saw it live on TV, I did see the image. It is quite the image.

Though I don’t have a friendship with Anderson like Kathy does, I do have a mild obsession with him. I know it started the first time I saw him on CNN, not sure how many years ago it was. I thought he was good looking and he got me to watch the news. Then there was briefly meeting him at a book signing out here in Los Angeles. I waited in line for hours and even had to go to a different bookstore to buy his book, Dispatches from the Edge, because the store he was signing at was out of copies. When I finally got up the stairs to where he was signing I handed him my book and said, “You are the reason I watch the news”. He just looked at me and said, “Thanks”. Yes I realized what I said sounded a bit lame. As a writer, I get nervous around other writers and news people. I think a lot of us writers do. He signed my book and I was off with a smile on my face just to be that close to him.

Now most poeple wouldn’t really call that being obsessed with someone and they would be right. I had a healthy obsession and everyone in my life knew about it. It wasn’t until I started dating someone who looks like Anderson. (I won’t mention who it is but it is someone who I have talked about before and no it is not the blue-eyed cutie.) I met this person online and from his pictures he just looked like a guy with grey hair. It wasn’t until we were out on our first date that I realized this person looks like Anderson Cooper. I even mentioned it to him and he said, “Yes I get that a lot”.  Sadly that relationship didn’t work out, as much as I wanted it to. I mean who wouldn’t want to date an Anderson look-alike.

So my obsession with the silver fox continues. Lucky for me the blue-eyed cutie doesn’t mind my obsession.