With the start of a new year I look back at last year and things that have happened. 2013 for me had its ups and downs. An upside was I finished my first screenplay. I was so proud of it I registered it with the Writer’s Guild. It felt great to accomplish such a task, one I thought I might never finish. I even have submitted it to a few contests.

The biggest downside of last year was being laid off in November. Like many Americans I never thought it would happen so I never saved enough to be able to live for six months. Of course as I look back I wish I would have but when you are living almost paycheck to paycheck with a little bit left over for entertainment, you don’t have much to save. The blue-eyed cutie has had very sporadic work so any money he makes goes to bills right now. Because of this we have had to get help from family and friends to pay bills. It has been tough and has been wearing on both of us. With us both being all day every day we are slowly getting on each other’s nerves. Though I am not sure he feels the same way I know I am feeling it. I think a lot of it has to do with the stress of wondering if we will have enough to not only pay our bills but also keep a roof over our heads.

With this new year I am remaining more optimistic. It has ignited inspiration in me, something that hasn’t really been there the past couple of months. I have been stressed and really depressed about this whole situation. In my 20 years of working I have never been without a job. But now I am feeling more confident about this year. I know that something big is going to happen for me and the blue-eyed cutie. Not sure how it will appear but I am ready for it to happen.