I didn’t watch The Bachelorette last season and I only saw bits and pieces of this season’s The Bachelor. We have all seen some of the negative press Juan Pablo has gotten over this past season for some of his remarks. I haven’t really been able to watch this season due to school and the blue-eyed cutie doesn’t like it. Needless to say I didn’t see last night’s finale.

I was watching All Access Hollywood Live this morning and they started off the show talking about last night’s awkward finale and after the rose show. Watching the clip of Juan choosing Nikki was a little weird until I thought about it more. I applaud him for telling her that he doesn’t want to propose right now but would she accept the final rose. He is basically telling her that he wants to take more time to get to know her. He knows that he didn’t like the other girl as much. The thing that was weird about it though was him telling her that he has the ring in his pocket. Yes he was being honest but don’t tell the girl you have the ring but not going to give it to her.

Then there was the After the Rose show. Chris Harrison kept asking Juan if he loves Nikki. Juan answered by saying he is happy which was fine but Nikki looked a little uncomfortable with the whole thing. It was almost as Juan told her to go along with it.

They are both looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Their whole relationship will be over soon, as they will probably get sick of each other. Hopefully it is Nikki coming to her senses. But yes I will probably be watching The Bachelorette.