This is an appropriate post for today as it was three months ago on a Friday when my life changed for the better. (Yes technically the date is tomorrow but why not celebrate early.)

It was the Friday of Memorial weekend. I had gone to school for a focus group screening of an independent film. I was wearing my usual school attire: jeans, hooded sweatshirt, Saucony sneakers and my hair in a ponytail. After I had gotten home I headed to my neighbors’ place. We had some drinks and when we got bored, decided to walk to the corner dive bar. It is nothing fancy but the drinks are strong and the people are friendly. This particular night they had karaoke. I am usually not one to get up and sing. I once dated a guy who followed a karaoke team around from bar to bar and the only way I would sing is if it was with the other girlfriends and that was in my 20′s. I have not done karaoke since. My neighbor however talked me into getting up there but again I would only sing if she would do a song with me. I decided to get some liquid courage, a kamikaze shot. While waiting at the bar I accidentally knocked the chair into the guy sitting next to me. I apologized quickly and smiled. This guy had the most gorgeous blue eyes. I couldn’t stay and talk because it was my turn to sing. My neighbor and I sang Summer Nights and I was watching the cute guy the whole time. After I was done singing I headed to the bar to get another drink. This time sitting down and talking with the blue-eyed cutie. I found out that he has the same first name as my younger brother. He said his friends told him not to date a girl who has a brother with the same first name as him. I told him it was okay because he doesn’t look like my brother. We continued talking until bar time and he asked me to come home with him. My neighbors being the good friends they are kept asking me if I was okay. They were worried about me. I told them he lives up the street and if I needed anything I would call them.

I left with blue eyes and we headed to his place. This is when things went bad. Once we got to his place, the drinks I had that night caught up with me. I was feeling sick. That night I got sick twice in his bathroom. I was so embarrassed but it didn’t seem to faze him. He gave me some water and aspirin and I was finally able to lay in his bed without the room spinning. Eventually we did have the hookup both of us wanted and it was AMAZING. When morning came, he drove me home and even offered to drive me to school that day. I took the drive home but declined the ride to school. (I was pretty hungover and need to get my hangover cure and rest before my three hour class.) We exchanged numbers and he told me he would call me after he was done with work. After the embarrassment of the night before I thought he would never call me but I was wrong. He actually called me as he was leaving work and said he was coming to pick me up. We went to Norm’s Restaurant, nothing fancy but we were able to talk more. Something he said to me made me think this guy might be worth it, “I don’t waste my time with people I’m not interested in”. I thought he must be interested especially after me getting sick the night before.

My blue-eyed cutie has since told me if I hadn’t said anything to him that night, he probably would have gone home alone because he was to shy to talk to me. Thank Goodness for my liquid courage.