At the end of September one of my sorority sisters got married and from the pictures I can tell it was amazing. Then one of my good friends and old roommate got married and the wedding was AMAZING!! Then this past Friday another one of my sorority sisters got engaged and one of my good friends did too.

After I told the blue-eyed cutie he said “They must be financially stable”. That is what he is waiting for is to be financially stable enough to buy me a ring even though I told him that my mom has a ring (the one she got from my bio dad), that she has been saving for me. According to him that won’t make it special or a surprise. We had a discussion about it and well I was in tears mostly because it seemed like he was insulting my mom’s ring. He told me he didn’t mean it that way and after I calmed down I was okay with it. I know that he will propose and our day will happen but…

…I still can’t help but feeling a little jealous of my friends. I know that I can’t even come close to competing with my friend’s wedding because well her and her husband are very financially well off. I know that mine and the blue-eyed cutie’s wedding will be amazing. We will be doing a lot of things ourselves like invites, decorations and place settings. We will be having our wedding in the Midwest where it will be cheaper.

I know our time will come and it will be amazing but I am a little bit jealous that my friends are there already.