Two weeks in, things with the blue-eyed cutie were going great. We were spending every day together, he was driving me to and from school on my last day and we were getting to know each other. Oh and yes the amazing sex was continuing, another good sign. That was until my mind started running away with me.

There were times when we were out that he would be Facebook chatting with a girl. One afternoon while we were at the movie theater he let this girl know he was at this cheap movie theater by his house, never mentioning he was with someone. He also seemed to good to be true, he would tell me how beautiful and amazing I am and that he was glad we met. It started to make me think he was like the psycho ex. I didn’t want to believe it but some of those feelings were coming back, so I started cyber snooping. I know not the best thing to do, but I was curious. We weren’t Facebook friends yet but I found his page and then looked for this girl. And what I found made me shake with anger. It said that she was in a relationship with him and that her status had changed days after I had met him. I was confused and upset so I sent him a message asking if he has been honest with me and if he is dating anyone else. He told me he has been honest and he isn’t dating anyone but does have a female friend but nothing is going on. That night we still went out to eat but when we came back to my place we talked about what I saw. He told me that nothing is going on and that she asked him one day while they were hanging out and even though he told her he doesn’t feel that way about her, he went along with it. He told me he doesn’t want to be with her.

Yes I was just as confused as you probably are right now. I couldn’t understand it and the rest of the weekend it was in my head. Then Monday rolled around and I was curious again, this time her page had a picture of the two of them. They seemed to be at the beach and he had his arm wrapped around her neck, in the good way. I again started shaking and immediately sent him a message saying how I upset I was. He told me not to be upset and that I am special to him. We ended up talking on the phone, the situation still seemed confusing and to much drama. I cried, yelled and was honest. He asked why I was snooping and I told him I couldn’t go through what I went through with my psycho ex and it was starting to feel that way. I told him if he wanted to be with this girl, he needed to be honest with me. He told me he is confused and needs a couple of weeks to sort things out but still wanted to hang out as friends. I told him that wasn’t a good idea. The next day he texted me but I was still upset. Friends and mom were giving me advice, everything from you need to walk away, wait it out and do what you think is best. I was confused but scared that the nice guy I had finally met wasn’t all that nice or he would choose her.

A walk and a half later he sent me a message asking how I was doing and that he missed me. We met up for yogurt and talked about random stuff. The thing we now call “The Situation”, (and no I am not talking about the guy from Jersey Shore), never came up. Eventually we did talk about it and he told me he wants to be with me and not her. He did get it worked out and said they came to a mutual understanding that they would just be friends. I did believe him because he was spending every day with me, (she lives 45 minutes away). He told me he knows he made the right choice and he never wants to hurt me again. I gave him time to sort it out and he gave me time to trust him again.

Going through “The Situation” as early in the relationship as we did taught us both about trust. We are also very honest with each other about everything going on. It is a little over three months in and things are still going strong. We still spend almost every day and night together, hang out with friends and smile. We took a chance on each other and so happy we did.