I realize I haven’t written anything since the beginning of the year. It has been a busy beginning to the year. First exciting thing that happened was the blue-eyed cutie and I moved in together. The next somewhat exciting things that happened is my employer changed and I am taking two very hard classes in film school: Advanced Screenwriting and Low Budget Filmmaking.

The reason for me writing a post about manipulative people is what happened to the blue-eyed cutie when he told a friend of his we were moving in together. This is a female friend of his that he has known since high school. This person did cause arguments between the blue-eyed cutie and I. He reconnected with her a few months into our relationship. After that he was talking to her through Facebook A LOT. He would be at my house and on his phone or he would hide the conversation he was having with her. He told me that she is going through a tough time and doesn’t really have anyone to lean on. I of course didn’t believe that. Oh and did I mention this woman is also married. She claimed that her and her husband were living as roommates.  Again I didn’t believe that.

Eventually I got to meet this female friend of his and that made me like her less. Watching her and her husband interact was very uncomfortable. Her husband was trying to be playful with her and she would push him away and she was also looking at my blue-eyed cutie almost the whole time. This made me even more uncomfortable.

So when the blue-eyed cutie told her that we were moving in together, she basically said “Take care and nice knowing you”. I felt bad for him because he truly cared about her as a friend. After she said that to him he tried talking to her through Facebook but either she would look at the message and not respond or not look at it at all. Then about a month ago she said him a message only because she needed something. She didn’t ask him how he is or how things are going with us living together. She just asked him for something and hasn’t said anything to him since.

Because of all of that, the blue-eyed cutie has seen her true colors and realized that she was just taking advantage of his kindness.