I apologize now for not posting right away after our trip. Since we got back we have been busy with work and blue-eyed cutie’s wrestling shows. The day we got back we left the airport we headed straight to a wrestling show. We were both so tired.

Now onto the blue-eyed cutie meeting everyone. Our first outing after landing was a baseball game with the family and a few of my close friends. We all had so much fun. While the rest of us were trying to escape the heat and humidity during the game, the blue-eyed cutie sat in his seat for the whole game. Everyone thought he was very cute and very nice. They all commented on how happy the blue-eyed cutie and I are. That gave him brownie points. The next day we relaxed as we were extremely exhausted. That Tuesday we headed down to take my grandmother out for her birthday. I hadn’t seen my grandmother since I had been home for Christmas. Since she is having some memory problems I was hoping she would recognize me. The minute she saw me her face lit up, she was so happy and surprised to see me. The blue-eyed cutie got out of the car to meet her. We then headed out to lunch to celebrate. She had such a great time and even seemed to like the man. Later back at her apartment she asked if he was a good man and if I am happy. I told her yes. She then said to me, “I always pray that you kids meet someone nice”.

After visiting for a while we took grandma over to the dining room for dinner and then headed to my college town to show the blue-eyed cutie where I went to school and to go out to dinner with some of my friends. Only two of my closest friends were able to meet up with us because the other ones had emergencies. We had so much fun and the friends that came loved the blue-eyed cutie and how happy I am. We had a great time catching up and some good food.

The next day we were supposed to go to Lambeau field to take the stadium tour. We were up at 6am because we had to get there early to get tickets. The blue-eyed cutie was the first to get up and get ready. When he was getting ready I could hear him getting sick. I went next door to the house and told my mom. When my nephew heard the news he started crying. He was extremely exhausted from the activities of the past few days. My nephew eventually felt better and we headed to the grocery store to get a few items to make the blue-eyed cutie feel better. We rested the rest of the afternoon and eventually the blue-eyed cutie was feeling better. My brother, his girlfriend and her kids came up for the afternoon and then we headed to the local bar where my uncle won pitchers of beer and pizza. Another fun night.

Thursday we woke up to make another attempt to Lambeau field. My parents weren’t feeling good but my nephew, the blue-eyed cutie and I headed north. We got up there safely and immediately bought our tickets for the tour and the Hall of Fame. We were able to go into one of the suites, walk through the player’s tunnel and stand by the end zone. After lunch at Curly’s Pub we headed down to the Hall of Fame. It had the history of the team, the Lambeau Leap and even memorbaila from fans. After we were done we headed back to my parents’ house.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

To be continued…